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  Show name Rating
Bering Sea Gold      Bering Sea Gold 6.70
avg out of 949 votes
Bizaardvark      Bizaardvark 4.00
avg out of 817 votes
BoJack Horseman      BoJack Horseman 8.40
avg out of 37,638 votes
Coronation Street      Coronation Street 5.80
avg out of 3,823 votes
Dark Matter      Dark Matter 7.50
avg out of 28,716 votes
Days of Our Lives      Days of Our Lives 5.30
avg out of 5,126 votes
EastEnders      EastEnders 5.00
avg out of 6,288 votes
Elena of Avalor      Elena of Avalor 6.80
avg out of 473 votes
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show      Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 7.30
avg out of 11,695 votes
Emmerdale      Emmerdale 4.80
avg out of 2,113 votes
It Takes a Killer      It Takes a Killer 7.50
avg out of 39 votes
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon      Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show Starring 7.70
avg out of 11,524 votes
Judge Judy      Judge Judy 6.00
avg out of 2,937 votes
K.C. Undercover      K.C. Undercover 6.10
avg out of 2,032 votes
Kendra on Top      Kendra on Top 3.80
avg out of 345 votes
Killjoys      Killjoys 7.20
avg out of 13,332 votes
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert      Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The 7.60
avg out of 5,762 votes
Masters of Illusion      Masters of Illusion 4.50
avg out of 108 votes
Narcos      Narcos 8.90
avg out of 199,034 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Player Attack      Player Attack 6.80
avg out of 11 votes
Real Time with Bill Maher      Real Time with Bill Maher 7.60
avg out of 9,938 votes
Spy World      Spy World 6.66
avg out of 3 votes
Stuck in the Middle      Stuck in the Middle 5.90
avg out of 754 votes
The Bold and the Beautiful      The Bold and the Beautiful 3.50
avg out of 5,885 votes
The Defenders      The Defenders 9.00
avg out of 1,457 votes
The Talk      The Talk 3.80
avg out of 1,314 votes
The Tick      The Tick 7.20
avg out of 3,294 votes
The Young and the Restless      The Young and the Restless 5.20
avg out of 4,729 votes
Treehouse Masters      Treehouse Masters 7.50
avg out of 874 votes
Vice      Vice 8.90
avg out of 3,538 votes
What Would You Do?      What Would You Do? 7.50
avg out of 357 votes
Wynonna Earp      Wynonna Earp 7.50
avg out of 9,040 votes

  Show name Rating
Casualty      Casualty 6.00
avg out of 1,878 votes
COPS      COPS 7.10
avg out of 4,418 votes
The Dead Files      Dead Files, The 6.70
avg out of 1,362 votes
Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies      Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies 7.80
avg out of 55 votes
Halt and Catch Fire      Halt and Catch Fire 8.30
avg out of 18,801 votes
Live PD      Live PD 8.20
avg out of 269 votes
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic      My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 7.70
avg out of 16,526 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
School of Rock      School of Rock 4.70
avg out of 615 votes
Thunderbirds Are Go!      Thunderbirds Are Go! 6.90
avg out of 1,086 votes

  Show name Rating
Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year      Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year 6.60
avg out of 8 votes
American Monster      American Monster 7.70
avg out of 72 votes
Ballers      Ballers 7.60
avg out of 23,847 votes
Bar Rescue      Bar Rescue 7.70
avg out of 2,028 votes
Barnwood Builders      Barnwood Builders 8.90
avg out of 90 votes
Big Brother US      Big Brother (US) 5.30
avg out of 8,417 votes
The Block NZ      Block NZ, The 7.70
avg out of 38 votes
Botched      Botched 6.80
avg out of 610 votes
Candy Crush      Candy Crush 2.10
avg out of 125 votes
Celebrity Big Brother      Celebrity Big Brother 4.70
avg out of 854 votes
Chesapeake Shores      Chesapeake Shores 7.80
avg out of 1,387 votes
Countryfile      Countryfile 7.20
avg out of 57 votes
Dice      Dice 7.50
avg out of 1,128 votes
Episodes      Episodes 7.80
avg out of 26,429 votes
Fear the Walking Dead      Fear the Walking Dead 7.00
avg out of 79,962 votes
Game of Thrones      Game of Thrones 9.50
avg out of 1,207,159 votes
The Hunt with John Walsh      Hunt with John Walsh, The 7.30
avg out of 206 votes
I Was Prey      I Was Prey 6.20
avg out of 10 votes
The Last Ship      Last Ship, The 7.50
avg out of 43,014 votes
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver      Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 9.10
avg out of 51,038 votes
My Giant Life      My Giant Life 5.90
avg out of 99 votes
Naked And Afraid      Naked And Afraid 6.70
avg out of 2,318 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Outlander      Outlander 8.50
avg out of 62,393 votes
Power (2014)      Power (2014) 8.10
avg out of 20,761 votes
Ray Donovan      Ray Donovan 8.30
avg out of 53,897 votes
Rick And Morty      Rick And Morty 9.30
avg out of 142,620 votes
Shahs of Sunset      Shahs of Sunset 4.70
avg out of 1,075 votes
Steve Harvey's Funderdome      Steve Harvey's Funderdome 7.60
avg out of 34 votes
The Strain      Strain, The 7.40
avg out of 63,385 votes
Survivor's Remorse      Survivor's Remorse 7.00
avg out of 1,675 votes
Tangled: The Series      Tangled: The Series 8.00
avg out of 373 votes
Teen Wolf      Teen Wolf 7.70
avg out of 101,214 votes
The Powerpuff Girls      The Powerpuff Girls 3.60
avg out of 1,757 votes
Twin Peaks      Twin Peaks 8.70
avg out of 17,174 votes
Vice Principals      Vice Principals 7.90
avg out of 10,522 votes
World of X Games      World of X Games 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Xtreme Waterparks      Xtreme Waterparks 7.30
avg out of 39 votes

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